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Waterproofing Materials, Coatings Polymer Cement

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

Waterproofing Materials, Coatings Polymer cement

JS waterproof coating is a polymer cement waterproof coating, also called JS composite waterproof coating. Among them, J is the polymer, S cement (" JS "for" polymer cement "). JS waterproof coating is a kind of polyacrylate emulsion, ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion composed of polymer emulsion with various additives such as organic liquid, and cement, quartz sand, heavy calcium carbonate and other inorganic filler, and various additives of inorganic powder by reasonable proportioning, composite made of a kind of two-component, building waterproof coating.

Profile editor

JS waterproof latex is green environmental protection material, it does not pollute the environment, the performance is stable, the resistance to aging is good, the waterproof life is long; The use of safety, easy construction and simple operation can be carried out directly in wet ground without clear water. Strong binding force, the material and cement surface bonding strength can be up to 0.5 MPa, with better bond performance for most materials; The material elasticity is good, the extension rate can reach 200%, so it is anti-cracking, anti-freezing and low temperature flexible. The construction is good, not blister, the film effect is good, cure fast; The construction is simple, brush, roll, spray, scrape and apply.

JS waterproof emulsion base color is white, has obvious heat reflection function, the traditional black roof has heat insulation effect, made into color, on the roof and wall adornment beautification effect. The whole coating is not seam, can adapt to the micro change and so on. JS waterproof latex with polar groups in organic molecules, so that with a lot of polar materials have good cohesiveness, such as polymer modified asphalt coiled material, polyethylene polypropylene fiber coil, epdm coiled material, etc. Have good cohesiveness. Especially instead of 107 pva glue mixed with cement bond polyethylene polypropylene fiber coil, to improve the permeability of the waterproof layer, crack resistance, flexibility and so on comprehensive performance, highlighting its excellent quality.

Main feature editing

Wet surface construction; The coating is tough and strong.

Add pigment to make color decorative layer.

Non-toxic, odorless, can be used in the water proof of the water tank.

4, a facing material is suitable for exterior wall, the inclined roofing waterproof, elevation, slope, and on the ceiling construction, with the base and face brick, roof tile, all kinds of outer material such as cement mortar firm bond.

5, high temperature (140 ℃), especially suitable for road and bridge waterproof.

Adjust mix ratio, can make ceramic tile adhesive material and sealing material.

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