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Waterproofing Materials, Coatings Paint Construction

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

Waterproofing Materials, Coatings Paint construction

What is the role of auxiliaries?

A: Auxiliaries, also known as auxiliary film-forming substances, the main role is to improve the coating and coating some of the performance, the amount is very small, usually 0.1% of the coating amount of 0.5%, but the paint production efficiency, storage and storage and Construction performance has a significant impact, the level of application of additives to become a measure of the level of paint technology.

The function and function of solvent (or water)

A: mainly from the role of dispersion medium to adjust the viscosity of paint and solid content, adjust the construction of the paint, solvent and water finally left in the coating.

What is the role of fungicide? Are there those varieties?

A: Fungicides can effectively inhibit or stop the mold and bacteria and other microorganisms in the water-based paint in a large number of breeding, but also to avoid the film after the wall on the long mold. Some low-quality coatings often use some mercury, tin and other heavy metal compounds, their sterilization, antibacterial ability is strong, but the toxicity is also large, and high-quality coatings will be low or non-toxic non-toxic anti-mildew Agents, are some organic compounds.

There are many types of waterproof coating, in many areas will use this waterproof coating, it is after the evaporation of water will appear after a layer of film, so that can play a separate role with the water, this waterproof coating in the use of the time Is very simple, many people in the decoration, will use it, and waterproof coating after curing, there will be some flexibility, even if the cold weather will not appear to break the situation in people's lives Played a very convenient use, and therefore also by a lot of people of all ages.

Waterproof paint what role

There are many types of waterproof coating on the market, different waterproof coating played the effect is not the same, in general, this product is in use, or very convenient, and in the course of the use of the situation will not leak, The product has a certain degree of flexibility, flexibility is also very good, in the use of waterproof paint when people will find it can play a very good waterproof role, the use of the method is very simple, even if you never used Over this product, then only need a simple smear on the surface of the external walls can, wait a few minutes when there will be cured.

Waterproof paint characteristics

Because the surface of the waterproof coating will form some film, so when it is used, the elasticity is very good, but also because it does not appear when the break, you can stretch on both sides will not be damaged, and In the maintenance is also very simple, there will not be seepage and leakage of the situation, the temperature control is also a good effect, although a lot of waterproof coating types, but people will choose some brands of waterproof paint, so use The effect will be better.

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