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Waterproof Coatings Wall Crack

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 24, 2017

Waterproof Coatings Wall crack

First in the seams with a foam agent for processing, can make the joints of the building impermeable, airtight.

The second is to use paint tape for sealing, and finally with the adhesive yellow belt again edge, which can effectively ensure the base layer of solid and stable, to avoid the future wall cracking. This point, the owners can be decorated with the paint master to communicate, to maximize the grass-roots level to ensure that in place.

Paint live technology requirements are higher, working hours are also larger, to a set of three rooms and two new homes, for example, the paint process takes about 10 days time, including grass-roots processing, mixed oil brushing and so on. In the paint part, the most worried about the consumer is the problem of wall cracking.

Of course, some cracking problem is due to the late putty contraction caused by the first time in the construction of the putty is not dry immediately scraping the putty again, and then brush paint, it is easy to cause putty dry surface layer after cracking, very much like now This kind of typhoon rainy weather, in particular, should pay attention to extend the first time after brushing the wall dry time, continuous rainy days, the air is too wet, the wall is not easy to dry, if in order to rush work and hasty construction may leave sequelae, after all, After the crack, repair more trouble, first of all to the first crack at the scraping net, and then re-scraping putty, and so dry and then brushing the top paint. In addition, whether it will crack again after the repair is also a problem. Often in the construction site owners can also try to use the sun light to illuminate the wall to speed up the drying of the wall.

Water-based color paste and water-based paint is the emergence of environmental needs, and research and development of a water as the main dispersion of the coating. Compared to the traditional solvent-based color paste and solvent-based paint pollution serious defects, water-based paint "water" of the basic characteristics of its environment-friendly paint in the position.

In water-based pastes and water-based paints, water as a solvent and solvent-based coatings compared to organic solvents, has a significantly different nature: a rich water resources than organic solvents; dihydrate safety, no harm to the human body, no Pollution. Sanshui volatile is water vapor, will not increase the VOC to produce harmful air pollutants, but not in the role of light and oxygen under the atmospheric reaction, resulting in secondary air pollution; four water for the incombustible, unlike the solvent Type paste and solvent-based paint, for the flammable, so that both the transport of paint, storage and construction there is a big security risk. Fifth, the cost of water is lower than the organic solvent.

The water used in water-based pastes and water-based paints is deionized water obtained after special treatment. The basic requirements for deionized water are clean, no mechanical impurities. Common water containing calcium, magnesium and other ions in the electrophoretic paint paint will affect the stability of paint and tank paint (in particular, will affect the swimwear swimwear). Common water also contains bacterial microbes, but also affect the quality of paint products and stability.

Water is a polar solvent, in the water-based color paste and water-based paint formulations, must use emulsifiers and dispersants, due to water surface tension, volatile slow, or add organic solvent to reduce the surface tension to improve the evaporation rate, but if Addition of organic solvents, the corresponding increase in the product of the human body toxicity and environmental pollution, which is a measure of water-based paste and water-based paint an important indicator.

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