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Waterproof Coatings Variety Classification

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2017

  Waterproof Coatings There are two major categories of waterproof materials on the market: First, polyurethane waterproof coating. This material is generally made of polyurethane and coal tar as a raw material. Its volatile tar is toxic and is not easy to remove, so it was banned in China in 2000. Still sales of polyurethane waterproof coating, is the use of asphalt instead of coal tar as raw material. However, in the use of this coating, the general use of toluene, xylene and other organic solvents to dilute, and therefore also contains toxicity; the other for the polymer cement-based waterproof coating. It consists of a variety of water-based polymer synthesis of the emulsion and mixed with a variety of additives, high-quality cement, polymer (resin) flexibility and cement rigidity into one, making it in the impermeability and stability of the performance. Its advantages are easy construction, comprehensive low cost, short duration, and non-toxic environmental protection. Therefore, the polymer cement base has become the protagonist of the waterproof coating market.

Waterproof coating refers to the coating formed by the coating to prevent rain or groundwater leakage of a coating.

Waterproof paint can be divided according to the coating state and form: emulsion type, solvent type, reactive type and modified asphalt.

  Waterproof Coatings The first type of solvent-based paint: This type of coating a wide range of quality Ye Hao, but the high cost, poor security, the use is not very common.

The second category is the water emulsion and reactive polymer coating: This type of coating in the process is difficult to a variety of reinforcing agents, fillers, high molecular elastomers so that it is evenly dispersed in the colloid, can only be added by grinding A small amount of complexing agent, reactive polyurethane for the two components, perishable, high cost.

The third category of plastic modified asphalt: This product can be anti-ultraviolet, high temperature resistance, but slightly less elongation of the extension.

  Waterproof Coatings Universal waterproof coating, also known as JS waterproof coating. Is composed of acrylic emulsion and additives and the composition of the liquid from the cement, sand and mineral powder composed of powder in a specific proportion of the combination of two-component waterproof material. Two kinds of materials after mixing chemical reaction, both the formation of surface coating waterproof, but also penetrate into the substrate to form a crystal within the blocking water through the double waterproof effect.

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