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Waterproof Coatings Three Basic Features Of Waterproof Coating

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 07, 2017

Waterproof Coatings Three basic features of waterproof coating

Three basic features of waterproof coating:

1. Waterproof paint applied to the grassroots, closed grass-roots capillary pores, so that the grassroots has a certain waterproof capacity;

2. Waterproof coating at room temperature was viscous liquid, fractional brushing in the base surface of the solvent evaporation or reaction curing, can form a seamless waterproof coating, no membrane waterproof layer due to lack of overlap and leakage The concern.

3. Waterproof coating construction to cold work mostly, especially suitable for yin and yang angle, water outlet, pipe roots and other nodes, narrow places and other complex shape of the base surface waterproof construction, easy operation, low labor intensity;

4. Waterproof coating by the artificial coating, the thickness is difficult to achieve uniform. So the construction, to promote a small number of times the construction process, each time by the amount of material per unit area to ensure the amount of material, especially large area construction, should be divided into pieces to control the amount to ensure the uniformity of the thickness of the coating;

5. Different mechanical properties of different coating differences, the use of water should be preferred to use, weather and acid and alkali resistance of good waterproof coating;

6. Can be directly used in the structural layer of the coating waterproof, leakage of water and waterproof coating site corresponding to the corresponding point of damage, maintenance more convenient;

7. Coating waterproof layer can be added through the carcass reinforcement material to improve the tensile strength of the waterproof layer, for the grass-roots cracks, structural joints, pipe roots and other parts of the easy to cause leakage can also be added to strengthen the matrix reinforcement material ;

8. Reactive coating or hot melt coating with the use of coiled material, is to improve the reliability of the best waterproof solution, the coating is both waterproof, but also as a coil of adhesive.

The scope of application

1: indoor and outdoor cement concrete structure, mortar masonry structure of the wall, the ground;

2: bathroom, bathroom, kitchen, floor floor, balcony, pool floor and wall waterproof;

3: for the paving stone, tiles, wood flooring, wallpaper, gypsum board before the wiping treatment, up to prevent moisture and salt pollution effect.

Base surface (substrate) treatment:

1: the substrate must be strong, smooth, clean, dust-free, greasy, wax, release agent, and other debris;

2: surface with pores, cracks, unequal defects, must be pre-cement mortar repair smooth, expansion joints recommended paste the plastic strip, the node must add a layer of non-woven, nozzle filling recommended the use of nozzle filling filling;

3: yin and yang angle should be wiped into a circular arc (or V font);

4: to ensure that the base surface is fully moist, but no water;

5: pouring concrete surface (including plaster surface) before construction should be allowed to dry completely.


Mixing: first liquid into the container, and then slowly add the powder, while stirring for 3-5 minutes to the formation of no powder and particles of uniform slurry can be used; (preferably using the stirrer).

Brushing: brush with a brush or roller brush directly on the base surface, the intensity of uniform use, can not leak brush; generally need to brush 2 times (depending on the use requirements), each brushing thickness of not more than 1mm; Slightly dry and then after a brushing (just not sticky hands, the general interval of 1-2 hours), before and after the vertical cross brushing, brushing the total thickness of the general 1-2mm; if the coating has been cured, brushing another When the first layer of water with water.

Maintenance: After 24 hours of construction, it is recommended to coat the coating with a damp cloth or a spray sprinkler.

Check (closed water test): bathroom, pool and other parts in the waterproof layer after dry (at least 24 hours in summer, winter at least 48 hours) filled with water for 48 hours to check whether the waterproof construction is acceptable. Light wall to do the water test.

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