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Waterproof Coatings Temperature Adaptability

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

Waterproof Coatings Temperature adaptability

Waterproof paint is painted on the surface of the building, the solvent or moisture evaporation or two components of the chemical reaction to form a thin film, so that the building surface and water isolation, which play a waterproof, sealed role in the coating. Waterproof coating formed by curing waterproof film has a certain degree of extension, elasticity, crack resistance, impermeability and weather resistance, can play a waterproof, anti-seepage and protection.

Waterproof paint has good temperature adaptability, easy operation, easy maintenance and maintenance. Waterproof coating is not a good waterproof, the main depends on the quality of construction is good or bad, good construction quality, waterproof performance is very good.

Construction time to note the following:

1. Should be above the temperature of 5 ℃ under the conditions of construction, is expected within 24 hours of precipitation should not be construction.

2. The brushing should be done alternately at intervals of 4 hours.

3. If the coating has special requirements, may consider increasing the number of layers painted brush.

4. Construction, the air humidity is particularly large, low temperature, drying time should be appropriate to extend.

5. Such as the construction site temperature is higher, spices may be appropriate to increase the amount of water to reduce the construction viscosity.

JS waterproof coating for building waterproof, these waterproofing works during the construction process, if there is a mistake, the following with the top ten brands of waterproof materials to see JS waterproof coating construction process, we need to pay attention to the specific problems now what The

First of all, before the construction of JS waterproof coating before the construction must be prepared tools such as some of the buildings of the waterproof base cleaning tools, and when to use ingredients, paint brush tools need to use tools, etc. must be prepared, of course Seriously affecting the quality of construction, in addition to these tools, distribution box, and avoid conductive gloves, put it in the reserve tank, etc. also need to be prepared properly.

Followed by the walls of the building is clean up, you can use hammers and brooms, clean grass, dirt walls and obstacles will not appear on top, there are cracks in the local base surface, or use something to fill the level of uneven.

In addition, we also need to prepare a good mixer, mixing bucket, measuring cups, etc., as well as the ratio of raw materials, and then complete the ratio after the base for the bottom brush paint, technically, need to roll evenly, do not have to open in the end phenomenon.

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