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Waterproof Coatings Selection Of Waterproof Coating

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

Waterproof Coatings Selection of waterproof coating

Housing choice of waterproof paint

Basement waterproof coating: basement concrete mixed with rigid waterproof coating, such as waterproofing agent, impermeable agent, swelling crack agent, basement interior wall with waterproof mortar for plastering, do a flexible waterproof coating such as JS cement-based composite waterproof coating Plus non-woven, basement exterior wall is usually selected SBS membrane or 911 polyurethane waterproof coating.

Selection of roofing waterproof coating: Roof concrete pouring with rigid waterproof mortar after leveling (especially the villa roof special demand this rigid waterproof layer, to prevent the villa sloping roof pouring is not dense and leakage), and then select the liquid waterproof coating To brush, and then do the above as SBS waterproofing membrane, so that the roof waterproof probably more reliable. Because now has done three waterproof layer.

Wall waterproof coating selection: the wall is usually selected rigid waterproof coating such as impermeable microcrystalline waterproofing agent, because the wall is not pressure water, just do the waterproof mortar, waterproof role of the wrong as usual, especially the waterproof paint Not suitable for external walls. The reason is the external walls exposed to the outside, the main components of waterproof coating are acrylic emulsion, simple aging.

Bathroom waterproof coating selection: toilet floor selection of waterproof mortar together, and then do a flexible waterproof coating such as JS cement-based composite waterproof coating plus non-woven, so do the waterproof bathroom is usually more than 20 years does not leak. Bathroom waterproof coating and waterproof coating optional to be carefully selected, but also according to their needs to choose, at present, the market waterproof coating has two categories: First, polyurethane waterproof coating. This material is generally made of polyurethane and coal tar as a raw material. The other for the polymer cement-based waterproof coating. It consists of a variety of water-based polymer synthesis of the emulsion and mixed with a variety of additives, high-quality cement, polymer (resin) flexibility and cement rigidity into one, making it in the impermeability and stability of the performance.

In the construction of waterproof coating filled the mall, we now have neglected the importance of rigid waterproof coating, remember long ago, depicting the emphasis on rigid waterproof, but later because of a lot of posing rigid waterproof paint disrupts the mall, everyone As if the rigid waterproof paint is useless, the entire waterproof tragedy will gradually appear, the leakage of doubt as more and more severe. The basement of the basement was 15 years old, and the basement of the rigid waterproof paint basement and the basement of the waterproof coating were not significantly different. The basement of the rigid waterproof coating was significantly better than the basement of the rigid waterproof coating Basement, we have also done on the leakage of the basement of the comparison experiment, in the basement wall to do impermeable microcrystalline waterproof mortar, do 911 polyurethane waterproof coating, and then do impermeable microcrystalline cement mortar protective layer, so do it Basement waterproof role is very good, dry season basement is not moldy, very boring! If the basement wall panels only waterproof paint, and then do the protective layer of cement mortar, leakage will attack, dry season basement is relatively humid, leakage of the basement can only do waterproof in the wall, so advocate the use of rigid waterproof mortar and then do Waterproof paint!

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