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Waterproof Coatings Selection Of Accessories

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

Waterproof Coatings Selection of accessories

Waterproof material to become a home can not be ignored secret

        Home decoration for the city to work inside the white-collar workers is a very troublesome problem, because they do not have much time to supervise the construction has been very upset, while the market decoration waterproof material and more complex, where the choice of decoration materials Very inconvenient, home decoration is not only need to carefully choose the main material also need to carefully selected accessories, so the decoration process in the choice of accessories is also a knowledge. Such as the most simple putty, paint, paint and a variety of plastic, although these things do not look conspicuous, but they are hidden in a huge energy, but also decoration can not be ignored elements. Many people do not know what materials are included in the excipients, in fact, according to their use of excipients can be divided into four categories. Including all kinds of nails, hinges, slide, etc .; paint accessories, including talc, cooked powder, gypsum powder, and so on; A variety of adhesives, mainly including white plastic, silicone and so on. "Decorative waterproof paint accessories as the basis for the decoration, its importance is self-evident. Only to lay the foundation, in order to icing on the cake. For example, if the decoration of the use of cement mortar if it is not correct, or the quality, but will directly affect the tiles, Of the pavement, or even use not long after the time, there will be out of brick phenomenon.

    In addition, in the waterproof project to do hidden projects, the choice of polymer cement-based waterproof material directly affect the quality of decoration. Although it may not appear immediately after the decoration, but after a period of use, if the quality of waterproof material, but there may be leakage of the situation, affecting the normal life. Serious words, but also need to re-do waterproof In fact, in the decoration process of choice of accessories is also a knowledge. Such as the most simple putty powder, ceramic tile, K11 waterproof coating and a variety of plastic, although these things do not look conspicuous, but they are a huge amount of energy, but also decoration can not be ignored elements.

 Waterproof coating for a variety of industrial, civil construction roofing, basement waterproofing works, anti-corrosion floor, gas barrier and metal pipe corrosion treatment for the new brick, stone, concrete structure of the roof, bathroom, grain depot, water dam , Water towers, swimming pools, tunnels, culverts, mines and other projects.


Before the use of grass-roots treatment should be dry, clean, smooth, dense, not from the sand, blistering, hollowing off the layer, down slope and local potholes, the base layer compressive strength of not less than 0.2mpa, Less than 8%, the corners should be powder round processing.

Large roof panels around the groove and the hollow floor of the end of the gap application of flexible clay embedded, (clay preparation with APP-841 with cement ratio of 1: 1.5), in order to prevent dust on the bond strength have an impact, Oil to brush it again (cold base oil can be used with the solvent solvent 1: 3).


Cold primer oil brushing for half an hour after the waterproof construction, APP-841 high-strength coatings can be an independent waterproof construction, but also with glass fiber cloth, non-woven fabrics, linen composite waterproof construction, generally depending on the number of years to determine the number of coating , According to the provisions of three years should be a cloth three Tu, five years two cloth four Tu, more than eight years three cloth five Tu.

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