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Waterproof Coatings High Polymer Waterproof Coating

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

Waterproof Coatings High polymer waterproof coating

Synthetic polymer waterproof coating editor

Ast synthetic polymer waterproof coating, in a variety of polymer materials as the main film-forming material, add against flow agent, thixotropic agent, precipitating agent, thickening agent, flow ping agent, stabilizer and other additives and catalysts, through the common process of synthetic polymer emulsion waterproof coating, it has excellent high elasticity and excellent waterproof performance. The product is nontoxic, tasteless and safe and environmentally friendly. It has strong resistance to water, alkali resistance and uv resistance, with high fracture elongation, tensile strength and automatic repair.

Product features

(1) green environmental protection

Compared with other solvent-based waterproof coatings and waterproof rolling materials, wanshi waterproof material is the most characteristic of environmental safety. The product is nontoxic and tasteless and has no adverse effect on the environment and the health of the personnel.

(2) good aging performance

The product is stable under ultraviolet light, heat and oxygen, and the material life is over 20 years.

(3) strong adhesion

Products at the grass-roots level of concrete, glass, pottery and porcelain, plastic, metal, asbestos tile, floor tile, and the original waterproof material base and other commonly used building materials have excellent repair and bonding performance, strong cohesive force. Under the influence of external forces, it can form a stable waterproof whole.

(4) good permeability

Due to the good permeability of the material, the coating materials can be permeated into the pore of cement-base material, which can clog the seepage channel and the waterproof effect is reliable.

(5) good elongation rate

The elongation rate of product fracture is greater than 600%, its crack resistance is excellent, and the cracks in the grass roots are very high. Even if the grass roots are small cracks due to external factors, the fracture and leakage will not occur.

(6) high temperature resistance

Products high temperature is 170 ℃, low temperature 20 ℃ is not brittle.

(7) products have vivid colors

The product can be designed according to the design requirements and the user needs to mix colors, with excellent thermal insulation and decorative beautification effect. Therefore the product belongs to ornamental and multi-functional waterproof material

(8) construction convenience

The product can be brushed and scraped on any regular or irregular base surface to form a continuous waterproof layer. It can be constructed on a wet basis, the product does not blister, the film effect is good, solidify fast, can shorten the construction period effectively.

(9) extensive application

Products can be widely used in building roof, basement, underground garage, indoor kitchen bathroom, boiled water room, balcony, exterior facade, joints, the window, the window sill, column side, pipe trench pipe and grain of steel structure workshop, water tower, swimming pool, tunnel, roof, power plant cooling tower wall waterproofing, etc., used in building climate zone construction.

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