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Waterproof Coatings Hardness And Softness

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 24, 2017

Waterproof Coatings Hardness and softness

1. The choice of climate impact waterproof coating

    Southern climate is more humid, the north is relatively dry a lot. If the waterproof material suitable for dry construction is constructed in a humid environment, the waterproof material may be damaged due to the long drying time and the localized damage to the waterproofing layer. Therefore, in the waterproof construction program, the humid climate, we must choose to adapt to the construction of wet waterproof materials.

2. Waterproof material hardness and softness, the effect is better

    Basement, roof waterproofing requirements are higher, waterproof area is also larger. Just stressed waterproof material pressure capacity is strong, but the toughness is poor, and flexible waterproof material toughness is better, but the pressure capacity is poor. The combination of the two, we can combine the advantages of both to achieve better waterproof effect. Therefore, these places are now generally rigid and flexible waterproof material used in combination.

3. Waterproof paint and composite use of the membrane, both to be compatible

    Now a lot of waterproofing works, waterproof coating layer above the use of waterproofing membrane, the two should be compatible. To give an incompatible example, for example, polyurethane waterproof coating will volatilize some of the gas, damage the self-adhesive coil structure, reduce its waterproof performance. Therefore, the use of composite waterproof coating and membrane, to consider the compatibility of the two.

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What are the most basic features of waterproof coatings:

1, waterproof coating at room temperature was viscous, after coating solid, can form a seamless waterproof coating. Easy to guarantee, maintenance is also relatively simple.

 2, waterproof coating is particularly suitable in the facade, yin and yang angle, wear structural layers of pipes, bumps, narrow places and other fine structures for waterproof construction, curing, in these complex parts of the surface to form a complete waterproof coating.

 3, waterproof coating construction is a cold operation, easy operation, low labor intensity.

4, after curing the formation of the coating waterproof layer of light weight, for light shells and other special-shaped roofs are mostly waterproof coating construction.

 5, the coating waterproof layer has good water resistance, weather resistance, acid and alkali properties and excellent extension performance, can adapt to the needs of local deformation of the grassroots.

 6, the tensile strength of the coating layer can be reinforced by the reinforcement of the matrix material to strengthen, for the grass-roots cracks, structural joints, pipe roots and other parts of the easy to cause leakage should be enhanced, reinforcement, maintenance and other treatment The

7, waterproof coating generally rely on artificial coating, the thickness is difficult to achieve uniform uniform. Construction must be used to brush, scraper, etc. layer by layer brushing or scraping, so the thickness of the waterproof film is difficult to do as uniform as waterproofing membrane, waterproof film quality vulnerable to construction conditions. Therefore, the construction, in strict accordance with the operating method to repeat the brushing more times to ensure that the minimum amount per unit area to use, to ensure that the coating waterproof layer of construction quality.

8, the use of protective film cover water, maintenance more convenient.

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