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Waterproof Coatings Development Situation

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Waterproof Coatings Development situation

On the current development situation, the market has two major categories of waterproof materials: First, polyurethane waterproof. This kind of material is generally made of polyurethane and coal tar as raw material, it is volatile tar gas poisonous, and is not easy to clear, so in 2000 was banned in our country. Still sales of polyurethane waterproof coating, is the use of asphalt instead of coal tar as raw material. However, when using this coating, the general use of toluene, xylene and other organic solvents to dilute, and therefore also contains toxicity; the other for the polymer cement-based waterproof coating. It is composed of a variety of water-based polymer synthetic emulsion and mixed with a variety of additives, high-quality cement, polymer (resin) flexibility and cement rigidity of integration, making it in the impermeability and stability of the performance. Its advantages are convenient, comprehensive cost is low, short duration, and non-toxic environmental protection. Therefore, the polymer cement base has become the protagonist of the waterproof coating market. Industry insiders, some decoration companies and consumers mistakenly believe that the interior decoration waterproofing area is not great, after treatment there are cement and tiles above, not easy to cause pollution. In fact, because the indoor waterproof layer in general to achieve a certain thickness before the corresponding waterproof function, so the use of materials is relatively large, waterproof construction once the use of pollution-containing waterproof coating, will cause a long time indoor environmental pollution.

During the renovation process, as long as there is a frequent use of water environment, such as the kitchen, and so on, should be waterproof. The use of waterproof coatings is not only related to the overall effect of residential decoration and is closely related to the health of the household. Water treatment is the decoration of the "hidden project", the effect to go through a long period of use will be presented. If the waterproof coating is toxic, it will become a hidden killer in the home.

Tar type and non-tar type polyurethane waterproof coating

1 smell

Tar type: there is a serious irritating smell, the film smell;

Non-tar type: only slightly odorous or tasteless, no obvious smell of the coating.

2 film burning method

Tar type: a pungent odor, resulting in thick black smoke and sandwiched with black floc generation, and burning quickly;

Non-tar type: a rosin or slightly smell, produce a small amount of black smoke, burning speed, leaving the fire source is not burning.

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