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Waterproof Coatings Construction Operation Is Simple

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

Waterproof Coatings Construction operation is simple

One-component polyurethane waterproof material, the coating is based on isocyanate, polyether as the main raw material with all kinds of additives made of reactive flexible waterproof material, paint. The product has good physical properties, strong adhesion, normal temperature and moisture curing.

Performance, features:

1, waterproof materials, paint products with high strength, high elongation, high solid content, strong bond.

2, waterproof material, the natural smoothness of the coating extension can overcome the leakage caused by grassroots cracking.

3, waterproof materials, paint at room temperature construction is simple and non-toxic harmless weathering, anti-aging performance.

4, waterproof materials, paint construction to overcome the two-component polyurethane waterproof material, paint the need to measure the shortcomings of mixing to ensure product quality and engineering waterproofing effect.

The current construction of waterproof information is mainly divided into two categories: First, flexible waterproofing information, such as: kind of information coil, JS composite information, polyurethane waterproof material, waterproof plastic and so on emulsion polymer waterproofing information. This information is mainly wrapped in the base surface, not to seepage and access to water, these materials have a certain degree of elongation and tensile ability. Only the defects of this information must have a certain number of years, that is, waterproof life. This information is widely used in roof, bathroom, expansion joints, water outlet, masonry, etc. on the base surface. Second, just health waterproof information: Wang Wen Shengyi, it has high strength, but he is short of the elongation and tensile ability, but the waterproof life of long-lasting construction followed by concrete equality, such as: water does not leak, cement-based crystal, soaked waterproof, Condensate and so on. They are the use of concrete layout of the porous through the capillary phenomenon, the use of hydrophilic water as a carrier soaked into the concrete inside, the occurrence of chemical reactions, constitute the crystal, blocking the pores to reach the role of waterproof, add concrete strength, these information widely used In the basement, bathroom, sewage pool, Yun pool, can also be used directly for drinking ponds and so on. So now the water demand is often high construction, depicting the use of rigid and flexible waterproof plan!

What are the types of waterproof materials:

Waterproof material, paint: water, reactive, solvent type; or one-component, two-component polyurethane.

JS polymer, etc. Waterproof membrane: SBS, APP, self-adhesive polymer, self-adhesive rubber

EPDM rigid waterproof material: waterproof concrete.

Adhesive waterproof concrete construction sealing material: sealant, sealant, inorganic waterproof plugging material, Kayton plugging the king of the pressure type.

Sheet metal roofing waterproof: metal plate waterproof material.

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