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Tile Laying Special Adhesive (floor Tile Adhesive) Promotion Of Barrier

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2016

Our product quality standards generally adopted by JC/T547-2005 called "ceramic tile adhesives", thus it can be seen, the standard floor tile adhesive is included in the product. In practical application, floor tile adhesive must be in accordance with JC/T547-2005 of ceramic wall and floor tile adhesive to the standards of production, the result is the product costs are too high, the market cannot accept it. We know that at present when the tile adhesive, adhesive layer thickness of at least 3 cm.

In addition, issues related to understanding and concepts, led directly to consumers also choose floor tile adhesive, or even that there is no need. People generally think floor tiles pasted on the bonding strength of demand is not high, is at best a hollowing, shedding is not a problem.

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