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Tile Adhesive Strong Sticky

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

Tile Adhesive Strong sticky

Tiles are a widely used decorative building materials, because of its beautiful appearance and get people's favor. In many people the impression that the tiles are cemented together, so a mention of the tiles we will think of cement, and even think of some of the ceramic tile after the cut off. In fact, the installation of tiles can not use cement, tile glue is a very good cement alternatives, ceramic tile strong glue, not only sticky tiles, can also be used for gypsum board and fiberboard installation, is an application Very wide building materials. Then we take a look at the tile information related to it.

Tile glue, also known as tile adhesive or adhesive, viscose mud and other names, is a modern decoration of the new material, instead of the traditional cement and sand, glue mortar is several times the cement mortar can effectively paste large Of the tile stone, to avoid the risk of brick. Good flexibility to prevent the production of hollowing. Mainly used for pasting tiles, tiles, floor tiles and other decorative materials, widely applicable to the inside and outside the wall, floor, bathroom, kitchen and other architectural finishes. Its main feature is the high bonding strength, water resistance, resistance to freeze-thaw, anti-aging performance and construction convenience, is a very good bonding material.

What is the difference between cement and cement?

   Material: As the quality of tiles increasingly high, water absorption is also declining, cement has been difficult to meet the requirements of bonding tiles. And now the tile specifications are relatively large, very difficult to use cement bonding, so will use ceramic tile to operate.

   Construction: the traditional cement bonding tile process is more complex, and the construction efficiency is low, the effect is not good, prone to hollowing, shedding and so on. On the contrary, the use of ceramic tile can not only simplify the construction steps, and can avoid the phenomenon of hollowing, shedding and so on.


   Construction of the wall to be wet (outside the wet dry), and to maintain a certain degree of flatness, uneven or extremely rough parts of the application of cement mortar and other materials leveling; grass-roots must remove the floating ash, oil, wax, so as not to affect the degree of adhesion; Paste the tiles in 5 to 15 minutes after the move can be corrected. Water-cement ratio of about 1: 4, after mixing the binder should be used within 5 to 6 hours (the temperature is about 20 degrees); the mixed adhesive applied to the back of the adhesive brick, and then Press hard, until the plain so far. Due to different materials and the actual consumption of different, generally at least about 4.5 to 6 kg per square meter, paste the thickness of about 2 ~ 3mm.

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