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Tile Adhesive Simplify The Operation Process

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

Tile Adhesive Simplify the operation process

With the deepening of the field of adhesive manufacturers research, the current trend of the development of synthetic adhesives in the world for the following three aspects: Construction technology and sizing equipment constantly updated, the adhesive put forward higher requirements. In order to improve product quality, simplify the operation process and improve the construction efficiency, developed countries have developed a series of special equipment, not only to synthetic adhesive users to provide a better means of construction, but also the adhesive industry put forward higher requirements for its Sustainable development has created an important condition. Second, high-performance synthetic adhesives grow rapidly. High-performance Taiwan into the adhesive, one product requirements at the same time have good mechanical properties and functionality; Second, the production line required by the process is operational. Currently. Due to the strict requirements of the quality of adhesives in the construction industry and the automotive industry, the construction conditions are demanding, and the developed countries are committed to the development of high-performance, high-quality new types of rubber. And made great progress. In recent years, the annual growth rate of synthetic adhesive production in developed countries is very low. Some varieties of production even decline, but sales have increased faster, the main reason is the development of high-performance synthetic adhesive has brought great economic benefits. High-performance synthetic adhesives include epoxy, silicone, polyurethane and new modified acrylic adhesive. Third, environmentally friendly synthetic adhesive developed rapidly. With the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, developed countries vigorously develop water-based and hot-melt and other solvent-free adhesives. In 1998 the developed countries of the synthetic adhesive market, water-based plastic accounted for 50%, hot melt about 20%, while the solvent-based adhesive only 20%. The future of the global synthetic adhesive market will be low-pollution water-based glue and hot-melt adhesives, environmentally friendly synthetic adhesives will be the market in favor of goods. At present, China's synthetic adhesive industry trends have three aspects: 1. High-performance rubber will be the rapid development. 2. is the environment-friendly adhesive will become the mainstream of synthetic adhesives; 3 is the synthetic adhesive industry is accelerating the reasonable adjustment of the scale structure to achieve a large-scale restructuring of the synthetic adhesive industry, the production factors to focus on the advantages of enterprises to achieve intensive adhesive production , Large scale.

On how to choose a suitable tile adhesive !! Now the tile adhesive five out of eight, but the tiles are also varied, should it be? This is a lot of builders, construction friends, the concerns of the problem. The choice of tile adhesive is a kind of tile laying to the link, the following is a few tricks to choose ceramic tile tips.

1. Choose the tile adhesive that is suitable for tile size. The same size of the tile paste in different places, the requirements of the tile adhesive is not the same. The same paste in the same place the size of the tile is different from the tile adhesive is also different. Often, the adhesion of the tile on the wall will be much higher.

2. The place to be laid is to determine the performance of the tile adhesive. We must be clear that the price of ceramic tile adhesive is not the only choice of ceramic tile conditions. Tile adhesives are now more functional varieties, such as tile adhesive waterproof, alkali resistance, anti-slip performance and so on. Especially to use in the pool of ceramic tile adhesive, it is more casual.

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