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Tile Adhesive Precautions

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

Tile Adhesive Precautions

Talking about the bottleneck of the market development of ceramic tiles, personally think that the biggest bottleneck or price problem, causing this reason is mainly consumer awareness of the ceramic tile is not deep enough, "Many people think that as long as the tile paste On the wall can be, as long as the paste, will not drop the brick and other construction units will not be considered, the user does not understand. Because the general construction unit only look at the material per ton of how much money, did not take into account the comprehensive price, home decoration of consumers, this is the consumption habits of the problem, a short time difficult to change.

At the same time, tile manufacturers in the improvement of the quality of tiles, the need to recognize the need for a special tile adhesive to match, but relative to the expensive tiles, due to the use of traditional cement sand price is very low, the use of ceramic tile relative material unit price So they are often biased towards the former in actual operations.

and the construction of the master of the paving technique is also about the late tiles will be empty drums, shedding and other issues. With the emergence of tile adhesives, to a certain extent, instead of cement mortar, but there are some tiles binder attention.

1 Adhesive mixed with cement, sand and so on

Tile Binder is already a good ratio of products, no need to add other things, if added will destroy the product ratio, the quality can not be guaranteed, tiles easy to empty drums, shedding and other issues.

2 Place the binder on the ground with a spade

The first place on the ground will lead to the loss of the effective chemical composition of the tile binder; followed by spade can not stir evenly, while the proportion of manual mixing water is difficult to accurately change the material ratio, resulting in lower bonding force.

Use brick adhesive to make mistakes

3 Place the adhesive in the bucket with blisters

The use of foam cement to make the ceramic tile binder, which is wrong, this will lead to adhesive no adhesive strength, resulting in the late tiles off.

Use brick adhesive to make mistakes

4 Use too long, then add water to use

The last night left the tile glue, in the next morning and then add water and ceramic tile powder for mixed use, in fact, the active ingredient of ceramic tile has been a chemical reaction, add water only change the operating performance, will lead to late bond strength ; Tiles should be with the use of mixing, the use of time control in 2 hours, after drying should be discarded.

Use brick adhesive to make mistakes

5 The wall is not strong, grass-roots oil, release agent and other defects, the grassroots level is not flat on the paving tiles

Grass-roots strength is low, there will be a direct impact on the adhesion of ceramic tile adhesive, resulting in empty drums off the brick; do not meet the requirements of the grass-roots should be handled first and then tile.

Use brick adhesive to make mistakes

Disposable adhesive area is too large, glue slurry surface dry solid

Outdoor dry, windy weather, cloth plastic scraping area is too large, too late to lead to the construction of the surface dry and then tile will be caused by brick; tiles when the tile adhesive cloth area should be controlled in 1 square meters, outdoor dry climate should be Pre-wetting the wall.

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