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Tile Adhesive Paste The Material

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

Tile Adhesive Paste the material

What are the common types of tile adhesives?

Tiles as a finishing material, in the installation process, the general use of full of sticky way, and the use of paste materials are mainly two categories - ordinary cement mortar and tile adhesive. In order to better protect the long-term stability of the installation of tiles, durable, safe, it is generally recommended to install tiles in the tile as much as possible. Of course, now the indoor floor paving tiles, there are many use of ordinary cement mortar as a bonding material, and inside and outside the wall of the tile and floor to warm the tile tile paste with ceramic adhesive as a bonding material. Although in many cases, cement mortar and tile adhesives can be used, but in some special circumstances, such as the original grass-roots floor, floor tiles, self-leveling, you can directly use tile adhesive paving tiles, so save time Efficient, the effect is also very good. Common tile adhesives are the following:

Tile binder is a non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, non-corrosive, green special adhesive, can be divided into three categories: polymer type, ordinary type, heavy brick type. It is the use of imported polymer cement modified high-quality cement, coupled with quartz sand, a variety of additives, fill the fine processing of powder from the high-strength bonding material, stir the water can be used directly.

1) Polymer Tile Adhesive

Features: This section of ceramic tile adhesive with strong adhesion, good water resistance, durability, easy operation, high shear performance, when the interface agent, the dual effect of adhesive.

2) ordinary tile adhesive

Features: This section of ceramic tile adhesive construction in the wet wall, good flexibility, impermeability, cracking, anti-aging good, high temperature, freeze-thaw, non-toxic environmental protection, construction is simple.

3) Tile-type tile adhesive

Features: This tile adhesive is designed to solve some of the ordinary tile adhesive some tiles can not stick to the design formula, this product can also be tiled outside the tile tiles, completely rejected ordinary adhesive outside the tile can not be the problem , Easy to worry about, do not have to shovel out the tile or re-paste with the adhesive outside the paste and fear of the problem to worry about. Is 3-5 times the strength of ordinary ceramic adhesive, can completely replace the dry hanging rack, saving construction costs.

Tile Adhesives can be used to paste decorative materials such as ordinary tiles, ceramic tiles, glazed tiles, glass mosaics, ceramic mosaics, tiles, marble, granite, gypsum board and other wall decoration materials. It has high bonding strength, good workability, good water retention, long adjustment time, no tile falling, water resistance, high temperature resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, hot and cold resistance, waterproof impermeability, good anti-aging performance and long-term The durability, to avoid hollowing and crack, simple operation, construction convenience, efficiency, high economic efficiency.

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