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Tile Adhesive Industry Status

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

Tile Adhesive Industry status 

Industry status editor

Bottleneck one: price exorbitant consumer does not understand

When it comes to the market development bottleneck of vitrified bond, Australia has high Zhong Lanlan group (China) investment manager believes that the biggest bottleneck is still the price problem, is the main cause that consumer awareness of vitrified bond is not enough in-depth, "many people believe that as long as you can stick ceramic tile on the wall, as to how long the paste, will drop brick not to consider issues such as the construction unit, the user also don't understand". Because general construction unit only sees the material every ton how much money, did not take into account the comprehensive unit price, the consumer that family decorates also same, this is the consumption habit problem, the short time is very difficult to change.

At the same time, in improving the quality of ceramic tile, ceramic production enterprises recognize the need to have special ceramic tile adhesive to form a complete set, but relative to the ceramic tile of expensive, because of the price is very low, the traditional cement sand USES ceramic tile adhesive material relative to the unit price is high, so they in the actual operation is often prefer the former.

Bottleneck two: disorderly competition leads to market chaos

The disorderly price competition caused the market condition of the ceramic binder industry. The size of the domestic production of ceramic tile adhesive factory has more than 8000, the figure looks very handsome, but really have a handful of normative enterprise scale, most enterprises are small area management, own, production technology and equipment is backward, and therefore not guaranteed product quality, can only rely on low-cost sales.

Domestic ceramic tile adhesive market price is relatively chaos, ordinary dry mortar, regional small factory can take the inferior products as qualified products, the price per ton may be equivalent to cement sand mixing processing after the price, but the actual product if qualified products, the cost should be at least more than 1000 yuan per ton, and the low quality of the product sales price to 500 yuan per ton. On the other hand, it is a large foreign brand with high price, which can reach 2,000 ~ 3000 yuan per ton, and the price of special adhesive is higher.

Bottleneck 3: high transportation cost and high brand area

As with ceramic tile, the transportation cost of ceramic binder is very high. Transportation cost is really a big problem, Zhong Lanlan said, because the freight is transparent, if plus freight within 200 yuan per ton, may also have market competitiveness, but the transport costs 500 yuan of above basic is not competitive. For example, if the factory is in Shanghai, it will cost about 400 yuan to go to wuhan. Ceramic binder is mostly highway transportation, so transportation cost is an important factor restricting the development of enterprises. Many manufacturers can't solve the problem has become a regional brand, so the domestic brand regional restriction is very strong, because of its selling price is not high, to the other place with local enterprise competition doesn't have a competitive.

For this reason, some large ceramic binder enterprise adopts the form of the regional layout to solve this problem, in each of the large area to establish production bases, respectively, to ensure the quality of manufactured products, price is consistent, so that it can effectively solve the problem of transport costs. Additionally, we are looking for franchisees and interested parties.

Other instruction

Traditional ceramic tile adhesive defect

Traditional ceramic tile adhesive with cement mortar, the mortar the cohesive force of the weak, poor durability, easy to peel, and with the method of mixing and thick layer construction, matching is not stable, affect the durability of ceramic tile, the waste of raw materials, also affect the construction speed, environmental pollution, its security is not guaranteed, very prone to accidents.

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