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Tile Adhesive High Bond Strength

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 22, 2017

Tile Adhesive High bond strength

Products with indispensable features and quality, must be in the peer industry are the performance

Perfect, and timely delivery to the customer hands. We value the willingness to share with customers and record, according to the recommendations of customers to optimize the product, and strive to create a double naked situation, really: the same quality and low price, the same good quality, for each customer to provide the best quality products and The service is always the same concept of the Ryder people.


High bond strength, excellent resistance to sagging, effectively inhibit the decline in surface material.

Thin layer construction, economical and material

Good water resistance, high temperature resistance, humid environment and hot environment can be construction

Resistant to freeze-thaw changes, not empty bulging shell, shrinkage, moisture and impermeability excellent performance

Handling materials less, save handling costs, floor ash less, no garbage clean up

Inspection and control: own own laboratory, by the senior material inspection practice qualification certificate of technical personnel to enter the factory materials and products for testing.

Professional and thoughtful service: the product in the application of the problems, will give the appropriate, fully equipped laboratory to provide you with product testing and according to your needs to develop proprietary formula products, the goal is to provide customer satisfaction service.

Quality ink guarantee:

Material control: the use of fine aggregate machinery by mechanical rigorous screening, a reasonable level, 咅 additives are used well-known brands,

Firmly do not use cheap additives.

Production process control: automatic production line production and efficient production, to ensure timely supply, and the control of the product mix and maintain the consistency and uniformity.

Application: mainly used to repair, fill the buildings, walls, the size of the base cracks, rugged, gap, small holes,


Applicable mortar base, concrete base, steel base and insulation board base.

Construction Description: grass-roots clean oil-free, wall moisture content of less than 10%. Do not add other materials, as long as the water can be used to stir.

Shelf life: ventilation, dry, unopened state for six months.

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