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Interior Tile Adhesive Resistant To Aging

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

Interior Tile Adhesive Resistant to aging

Indoor tile adhesive is bonded to high strength, water resistant to aging, widely used for indoor and outdoor wall, floor tiles paving. The use of indoor tile adhesive is more space saving than white cement, and the adhesive is only a thin layer in the construction process. Tile adhesives are very strong, without any toxic additives, more environmentally friendly. Adhesive construction is to maintain the wall wetness, and to ensure a certain degree of flatness, the grassroots need to carry out the necessary removal of floating ash, wax, oil and other treatment, so as not to affect the degree of adhesion. The indoor tile adhesive can make up for the defects of cement and ordinary polymer mortar, because of its waterproof, cohesive and durable, to overcome the ordinary cement, waterproof mortar or ordinary wall and tile adhesive for the adhesive material Kneading, hollowing, cracking, shedding, water seepage, performance instability and other defects, from the building envelope waterproof surface to the construction of the bonding material bonding, waterproof show superior performance. It is based on the "organic - inorganic" theory, according to the best blend of polymer mixing, and strictly control the polymer and other materials blending ratio. With the characteristics of inorganic cement, organic adhesive and high adhesion characteristics, set waterproof, bonding in one. Indoor Tile Adhesive:

It is made of cement-based material, and then mixed with fine fine aggregate and high molecular polymer additives, specially designed formula, precise metering and forced mechanical mixing after packaging the factory's thin layer of tile construction materials. Has a good workability, construction thickness is thin, high bond strength construction characteristics. Indoor tile adhesive can change the traditional single tile on the back of the paste paste method and the use of construction surface scraping paste method, and no need to immerse brick wet wall, greatly improving the construction efficiency. Performance indicators have reached the "People's Republic of building materials industry standards: JC / T547-2005; ceramic wall tiles adhesive" requirements. Indoor Tile Adhesive Features and Benefits Analysis:

Ready to use single-component products, the quality is guaranteed, can be used after mixing with water; large area scraper construction, fast, and in the construction without baking wet wall, can significantly improve work efficiency, fast and convenient; Good durability, reduce the return to alkali; thixotropic performance, excellent resistance to sagging performance, tiles are not easy to shift. Compared with the traditional construction paste method is more solid, safe; high-end indoor tile adhesive excellent bonding performance is reflected in the large ceramic tile and stone paste and can be directly on the old tile surface tile renovation.

Indoor tile adhesive can also be directly on the old tile surface renovation (paste porcelain or putty powder coating) Base surface treatment:

The substrate must be strong, smooth, no hollowing; the surface must be clean, no dust, greasy, shedding, release agent and other substances that hinder the bond; if the substrate if the larger cracks or holes, Mortar repair.

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