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Interior Tile Adhesive Non-toxic Environmental Protection

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

Interior Tile Adhesive Non-toxic environmental protection

Tile Binder is characterized by high cohesive force, construction without baking wet wall, good flexibility, waterproof, impermeable, crack resistance, anti-aging good, high temperature, freeze-thaw, non-toxic environmental protection, construction Simple.

The scope of application of tile adhesives are indoor and outdoor ceramic wall tiles, ceramic mosaic paste, but also for all types of buildings inside and outside the wall, pool, kitchen and toilet, basement and other waterproof layer. For the external insulation system on the surface layer of tile paste, need to wait for the maintenance of a layer of material to a certain strength. The base surface should be dry, firm, flat, no oil, no dust, no release agent. Apply the ceramic tile adhesive to the working surface with a toothed blade to make it evenly distributed and into a lug-like shape (adjust the angle between the scraper and the working surface to control the thickness of the mortar). Each time about 1 square meters of coating (depending on the temperature of the weather, the required construction temperature range of 5 ~ 40 ℃), and then in 5 to 15 minutes will be tiled on the tile can be pressed (adjusted to 20 to 25 minutes The choice of tooth size should be considered the size of the face of the roughness of the face and tile on the back of the degree of convex and concave; such as deep groove on the back of the tile or stone, ceramic tile heavier heavier, you should double-sided adhesive, that is, In the face and tile on the back of the same time coated with mortar; pay attention to retain the expansion joints; paving completed, to be completely dry after the mortar (about 24 hours) before the next step can be carried out; Wet cloth or sponge will clean the tile surface (and tools). If cured for more than 24 hours, stains on the surface of the tile can be cleaned with a tile stone cleaner (do not use an acid cleaner). In the use of tile adhesive construction should pay attention to the following:

1. Before the application must first confirm the vertical and flatness of the substrate.

2. Do not mix the dry glue with water.

3. Keep the expansion joints.

4. Paving completed 24 hours before they can enter or fill.

5. The product is suitable for use in the environment of 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.

Construction of the wall to be wet (outside the wet dry), and to maintain a certain degree of flatness, uneven or extremely rough parts of the application of cement mortar and other materials leveling; grass-roots must remove the floating ash, oil, wax, so as not to affect the degree of adhesion; Paste the tiles in 5 to 15 minutes after the move can be corrected. Stir the uniform after the tile binder should be used at the fastest speed, the mixture after the adhesive applied to the back of the brick, and then press, until the plain so far. Due to different materials and the actual consumption is also different.

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