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Interior Tile Adhesive Material Usage

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 22, 2017

Interior Tile Adhesive Material usage

1: If you paint or the old wall before the refurbished surface only need to use short hair roller roll can be.

2: paste the tile before: half an hour in advance, with a brown brush or a small roller to stir the binder evenly, brush directly on the back of the tile (brick around the edge can stay 5mm or so, to prevent the adhesive flow to the front) After its surface is transparent, add about one-third of the cement to the mortar. Paste the wall is also recommended to brush again tile adhesive, so that more cohesive, better waterproof, absolutely not hollow, do not fall off.

3: Material consumption: This product does not need to add water, open the barrel directly after use, single coating layer, per kilogram of binder can brush 10-13 square meters.

4: the best construction temperature of 5 ℃, the actual brushing area will be due to construction methods, surface smoothness and construction environment are different.

Tile Adhesive is a cement-based high-quality adhesive modified by a polymer, with flexibility and quick drying, the thickness of the construction of the wind, its special formula so that it can be tiled on various types of ceramic tile. Its composition is cement, quartz sand and concentrated thickener, the adhesive and the existing technology compared with a wide range of construction, strong adhesion, construction convenience, tiles and walls, the ground before the construction without water immersion, hardening time Long, to the construction staff to leave a sufficient time to adjust and so on, therefore, has a good promotion of the use of value. Tile Adhesive, which can compensate for the defects of cement and ordinary polymer mortar, because of its waterproof, cohesive and durable, to overcome the ordinary cement, waterproof mortar or ordinary wall and tile adhesive for the adhesive material when the existence of the tile Kneading, hollowing, cracking, shedding, water seepage, performance instability and other defects, from the building envelope waterproof surface to the construction of the bonding material bonding, waterproof performance has shown superior performance. It is based on the "organic - inorganic" theory, according to the best blend of polymer mixing, and strictly control the polymer and other materials blending ratio. With the characteristics of inorganic cement, organic adhesive and high adhesion characteristics, set waterproof, bonding in one. Is an alternative to traditional cement and ordinary polymer mortar, modern high-grade building the best waterproof bonding material. The use of tiles inside and outside the building has a long history. The tiles offer aesthetically pleasing decorative surface and important functional advantages such as waterproof, hard, abrasion resistant surfaces, long life, hygienic and easy to clean. For these reasons, tiles are a very important ground and wall covering material in the construction industry. It has a high moisture absorption of ceramic tiles, non-frost resistant ceramic tile, low water absorption ceramic facades, good scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and weatherability of the complete tiles, plus indoor and outdoor use Various types of natural stone, etc., therefore, the market demand for tile adhesives is very large.

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