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Interior Tile Adhesive Hardening Performance

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

Interior Tile Adhesive Hardening performance

Indoor tile adhesive is a modified polymer mortar, itself has a good construction performance and hardening properties, but there are differences between the performance of products. Apply to the glazed tile products, the market a lot of types, if the paste after the glazed tile cracking, the general can view these aspects: whether the grassroots cracking deformation, adhesive layer is too thick, adhesive or tile is off. In order to avoid the use of adhesive tiles, the tile cracking and other phenomena, it is recommended that the construction staff carefully read the product packaging. "The use of the product description and requirements are generally marked on the packaging more comprehensive." In addition, if improper selection or improper construction, glazed tiles relatively easy to cause problems. Experts said that glazed tiles after the formation of irregular small cracks in the situation, it is possible to use a rigid ceramic tile, dry shrinkage after larger, tearing glaze and crack caused by the proposed use of flexible ceramic tile; and if the construction When the seam is not left, the tiles by the thermal expansion and contraction changes, easy to produce long cracks crack. Therefore, in addition to the appropriate choice of ceramic tile, but also should stay and choose the appropriate sealant.

How to choose the right tile adhesive?

Experts pointed out that consumers in addition to the choice of ceramic tile according to the corresponding tile, but also should be based on the characteristics of the tiles to choose. For example, if you want to shop is a heavy brick, you should choose the right two-component tile glue to increase the cohesive force, and in the double brick on the double construction (that is, brick and walls are painted with ceramic tile).

In general, consumers need to focus on the following factors:

1. The type and size of the tiles or stone to be paved, in general, the use of better binders for large-sized products or products with low water absorption.

2. If the application of the base surface is a board or a calcium silicate board, use a better binder than on concrete or cement mortar.

3. Application environment such as temperature, humidity changes also have a certain impact on the choice of adhesive.

4. The more extreme the external load, the more should choose a better binder

Do you need to soak when using a tile binder?

Traditional tiles need to be soaked before pasting, so that the moisture content of the ceramic tile inside the water saturation, so that the use of ordinary cement mortar paste, the mortar moisture is not sucked, cement hydration can have enough water, and make the tile paste firmly The.

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