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Interior Tile Adhesive Before Paving Starts

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

Interior Tile Adhesive Before paving starts

First, the use of ceramic tile steps

  1. First clean the back of the pre-selected tiles and check the paste base. The base surface should be solid, smooth, clean, non-polluting, loose material, hollowing, etc., with curing agent, release agent, the more smooth concrete surface to be polished rough construction.

  2. Paving before the start should also be in the wall to find the vertical layer on the vertical line to determine the tile out of the wall size line, and pull the horizontal line, so paving can not only do the surface smooth, but also can make the tile horizontal and vertical. To ensure that the base surface should be solid, smooth, clean, pollution-free, loose objects, hollowing, etc., with curing agent, release agent, the more smooth concrete surface to be polished rough construction

  3. With 25kg of Weibang tile powder to add water is about 7 ~ 7.5kg, stir with an electric stirrer into a uniform particle-free mortar, placed 3 to 5 minutes and then stir again. Adhesive material should not be too thick, otherwise it is not easy to spread out, but also should not be too thin, otherwise the tile paste can not be fixed, easy to fall down.

  4. With a tooth doctor scraper evenly scraping on the work surface, each scraping about 1 ㎡, and then rubbing the tile on the face.

  5. If used for deep groove tiles or stone, but also the use of tooth scraper in the back of the brick wipe to ensure full paste paste.

 Second, the characteristics of strong ceramic tile

  1, the province of wood, the traditional tile paving per square need 11 ~ 18Kg cement, and strong ceramic tile only need 4 ~ 6Kg.

  2, save time, the traditional construction methods, a worker can only complete 5 to 8 square days a day, and the use of strong ceramic tile, a worker can complete 30 to 40 square days a day.

  3, save money, each square can save about 40% of the cost. Adhesive manufacturers bonding mechanism

Adhesive manufacturers bonding mechanism

The adhesion between the adhesive and the adherend has three theoretical explanations for the adsorption and adsorption theory, the electrostatic and electrostatic theory and the diffusion and diffusion theory.

1, adsorption and adsorption theory Adsorption theory that the cohesive force mainly with the adhesive system of molecular action, there are two stages, the first stage is the liquid adhesive molecules by means of thermal Brownian movement to the surface of the sticky material, so that Both polar groups or links are close to each other. The second stage is the generation of adsorption force, when the adhesive and sticky material between the two molecules between the distance of 1-0.9mm, the two molecules will produce adsorption until the distance between them to reach the maximum stability of the state , The size of the bond force and the polarity of the adhesive, but mainly depends on the adhesive system molecules in the contact area of the dense degree.

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