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How To Choose Exterior Wall Tile Adhesive

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2016

Tile adhesive with good workability, good water retention ability, with opening hours and adjust the time at a high temperature, good anti slip properties. Tile on concrete surfaces, brick, Lime plaster, cement plaster, floor coatings, plaster, wood, gypsum wallboard, aerated concrete blocks, Particleboard stool is used on the primary surface using tile adhesive paste needs.

The old wall renovation project, traditional craft practices are destroying discarded tile surface, then paste the tiles after plastering construction technology of, now the process can use a dedicated tile adhesive on old tiles Tile paste surface approach. Tile bond agent must to in hardening Hou on various cover material and various based Zhijian provides high bonded strength, and in frost, and wet role Xia and soaking in water in the of situation Xia, according to national specification JC/T547-2005 ceramic wall tiles adhesive specification requirements, guarantee in soaking, and resistance aging, and frozen thaw cycle Hou of stretch bond strength to above 0.5Mpa of performance index, in additional performance in the, requirements to above 1.0Mpa of performance index of requirements.

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