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Exterior Tile Adhesive Effectively Control The Hollowing

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

Exterior Tile Adhesive Effectively control the hollowing

Reasonable use of external wall tiles Adhesive can effectively control the occurrence of hollowing and tile shedding phenomenon, which represents the thin stickers, in the home improvement in the penetration rate is getting higher and higher. However, consumers in the purchase of adhesive when made a difficult, early strength, in the end to strengthen what kind of election? In addition, the construction, the thin stickers do not care about the drums it? In response to these problems, experts said, select the external wall tiles adhesive mainly to see the specific situation of the tiles, and construction will be strictly in accordance with the implementation of the standard tile acceptance, a large area of hollowing is caused by irregular construction. Buy according to tile situation

Reporters on the market to see, the name of the external wall tiles adhesive can be described as varied. Such as tartile brick adhesives, mosaic adhesives, sheet adhesives, bricks and other adhesives. There are so-called early strength type, high strength type, general type. As an ordinary consumer, no relevant knowledge, it is really difficult to choose. So what do these names mean in the end? How should we choose a binder product that is suitable for our site?

First of all, according to JC / T547 "ceramic tile tiles adhesive", the adhesive composition according to chemical composition can be divided into three types: cement-based adhesives, paste emulsion adhesive and reactive resin adhesive. The cement-based products are divided into ceramic external wall tiles adhesives, mosaic adhesives, ceramic sheet adhesives, stone adhesives. The so-called early strength, high-strength, general-type corresponding to the industry standard in the ordinary and enhanced, ordinary and enhanced models have early strength products.

simply put:

First, consumers can choose according to the moisture absorption of ceramic tiles Adhesive: water absorption ≧ 6%, the general selection of ordinary type; product water absorption ≦ 6% generally use enhanced products.

Second, the binder product is selected based on the water absorption and the tile size. Tile size ≦ 0.36 ㎡ and water absorption ≦ 3%, you can choose to strengthen the anti-sagging products; tile thickness ≦ 3mm is the thin plate, Sheet binder.

In addition, according to different applications to choose products, such as wet places suitable for early use of strong products, but pay attention to ventilation. Specific special requirements, consumers should pay attention to the technical staff and do the appropriate consultation.

In addition, the construction process should pay attention to the grass-roots treatment after the paste, so as to ensure the quality of paste, there will be no hollowing, shedding and other issues.

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