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Explore The "adhesive" In The Renovation Of

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2016

Tile caulking agent new tile accessories---color sealant, different from the traditional method of white cement tile caulking: first of all, many kinds of colors to choose from, free shades, can basically meet the needs of home decorating color, color of the slot and tile match harmonization. Secondly, has the function of mothproof, no need to worry about climate and the environment will have an impact on the wall. Meanwhile, its color hold strong, lasting as new, and wearable, alkalization, not contraction, not powder, solves the problem of weak adhesion of tile cracks, not easily fade, fall off. In addition, from the operation point of view, is more convenient. Just after sealant mingled with the right amount of water, as well as cement, embedded tile seams, pressed, cured to wipe the excess material from the tile surface clean.

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