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Advantages Of Ceramic Tile

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 18, 2017

1, the construction side:

The traditional cement sand tiles, the construction steps of a complex wet wall, bubble brick, support and other steps, not only the construction efficiency is relatively low, the effect is not good paste, too soon prone to hollowing tiles, shedding and so on. The special porcelain Lai paste affixed material, not only can be omitted wet walls, bubble brick and other steps, convenience is better than the traditional cement mortar, its practicality.

2, materials:

Now the tiles, because the tiles are getting better and better, the tile of the water absorption of the traditional cement sand has been unable to meet the requirements of the tiles, and the size of the tile is also growing, it is more difficult to stick, It is recommended to use a professional bonding material.

3, the aesthetic aspects:

Tile binder formula is reasonable, the ratio of uniform, relatively uniform shrinkage during bonding, so the relative flatness of the tile surface will be higher, but also because it is full of pulp paste, so there will not hollowing, shedding Of the situation, posted out of the tiles of course, more beautiful and more solid.

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