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Adhesives For Tiles Whose Time Really Did?

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2016

n the past, people often use to paste the wall tiles of cement mortar, but tiles hollowing, particles, has been troubled by construction, developers, and even the perennial problem of consumers now have appeared on the market called "tile adhesives" products might be able to solve this problem with the dawn. Different cement tile adhesive mortar, its high bond strength, water resistance, resistance to freezing and thawing, good ageing resistance and easy construction received widespread attention.

Also many advantages of tile adhesive into China more than 10 years of time, the market share of less than 10%, lots of ceramic tile adhesives businesses and dealers complain that the market has found it difficult to develop, in the face of industry development of, it is necessary to identify pain points and solutions is the tile adhesive industry the most urgent requirements. In view of this, China building materials Federation of ready-mixed mortar branch in 2014 annual meeting held in conjunction with "meet the ' tile adhesives age will come," as the theme of the Forum, from high German, American nest, Lady, Patrick j. Hickey, Cao Yang, and several brands of high representatives shared their experience on promotion in the tile adhesive.

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