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--Patrick J. Hickey Century "hermit Of The Tile Adhesive Industry"

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2016

If the is not a tile adhesive industry insiders, few people heard the name of Patrick j. Hickey century building materials. However, if the mention of CCTV, Beijing Hotel, the National Grand Theater, the great Hall of the Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing, China Millennium Monument of these famous buildings, who nodded, full of respect. Patrick j. Hickey centuries these well-known architectural tile adhesive supplier. Patrick j. Hickey actually seemed to be a hermit, seemingly unknown, in fact, are already in our lives, are closely related to our life; seem ordinary, but really powerful. And that is what we are concerned about the business reasons.

As first into tile bond agent industry of enterprise, Patrick j. Hickey century since Shang century 90 Middle Hou leaves on and United States maximum of powder building materials producers CustomBuildingProducts cooperation, introduced United States H&S, and Germany m-TEC, company quality of production equipment, production and sales has is United States powder building materials industry first brand of C-CURE (Patrick j. Hickey) brand tile bond agent, and fill sewing agent, and waterproof mortar, series of professional tile installation products, Became the first tile adhesive sectors of industry pioneer and market leader.

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