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Flexible ceramic tile adhesive for use and precautions

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2016

Flexible ceramic tile adhesive for use and precautions

Flexible ceramic tile adhesive: a grey powder, odorless drug-free from corrosive pollution. Paste and suitable for indoor and outdoor floor brick ceramic wall and floor tiles, and so on.

Instructions for use:

1. construction of grass-roots surface from dust must be cleared before oil and so on, so as not to affect the bond strength.

2. construction of walls to wet and keep a certain smoothness, rough or very rough areas should use materials such as cement screed.

3. use to tune into a thick paste with water (water/cement ratio: about 1:4), uniform mixing place 5---10 minutes after the adhesive thickens to use.

4. apply prepared adhesive paste tiles on the back, and then press, until the level so far.

5. the amount of this product is approximately 3-4kg/square meters, general specifications for ceramic tile or surface roughness of different variations.

Flexible ceramic adhesive notes:

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