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Ceramic wall tile adhesive type

Uking Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2016

Ceramic wall tiles is essential to home decoration of wall decoration materials, ceramic wall tiles with low water absorption, resistance to corrosion and aging ability. In particular, its special resistance to damp, scrub resistance, weatherability, and cannot be replaced by other materials, its low prices, color-rich, is decorated in the kitchen, bathroom, balcony ideal for wall decoration materials, more and more consumers of all ages. Paste the wall ceramic tile, now has two options, one is to the market to buy the finished product adhesive paste, the other is prepared on site. Common owned brick viscosity of adhesives currently on the market there are three: the first was immediately fast adhesive, is a product that can be used directly. When used in the wall surface and the back of the tile with a thin, apply a layer of glue, after hanging out for a few minutes, touch the adhesive surface non-stick hands, pressing on the wall, very easy to use. Second is JD-503 tile adhesive, the product is white powder, add water when you tune into a viscous liquid. This product not only has a strong adhesive force, while there is a certain amount of time can do paste the adjusted, adjusted the mortar should be used within 4 hours. Rubber thickness 3~5 mm. The third is more than 903 multi-function building adhesive, which will use products, this product has high bond strength, can be adjusted within 2 hours, scraping gum thickness of 2 mm, very easy to use. Selection of product adhesive, high cost, suitable for the wall of the primary surface bucket I used the flat selection or pasting costs will increase. Pasted wall tiles in the home improvement field methods of preparation of 107 adhesive cement glue Orange agent. 2107 with cement Glue 2 =100210220 volume of water than the modulation Qi Pasty cement, adhesive thickness is less than 5 mm, can take several hours to adjust the time, lower wall surface requirements, is the most economical and practical paste glue. Ceramic wall tile adhesive choice about home health, so consumers have to choose carefully.

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